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Walls & Ceilings

There are many different types of walls and ceilings that could be suitable for your workspace and each have their own strengths to serve their own purpose, be it for decorative, acoustic, security or environmental objectives.




Although plasterboard wall & ceiling installation has been used in the building industry for almost 150 years, it was only back in the 1970s that it became a favoured method for ceiling suspended ceilings, wall dividers and wall covering in Malta. Nowadays plasterboard is available under a number of different names such as gypsum board, drywall, wallboard, and sheet rock.

With the increase in building regulations,  use of services and design requirements over the last years, plasterboard use has become even more popular. Using different raw materials in board manufacture, plasterboard installation can include increased sound and thermal insulation, prevent the ingress of damp or moisture, and improve a room or building’s fire resistance. Traditional plastering still plays a large part in building construction, either where dry lining is not recommended, or on client instructions and that is the much cheaper option. That said, plasterboard can be fixed to almost all forms of wall, room partitions and ceilings, and is the fast and gives many more benefits like acoustics, sound proofing, thermal and fire protection, better distribution of light, hiding of services and design.

At GRF we have been been using plasterboard in the refurbishing and fitting-out residential homes, offices and retail outlets for over 20 years. We price ourselves on repeat business and are happy to see many customers return to us. Clients come back because we are reliable and offer the highest level of workmanship. We are small enough to care about minor alterations, but big enough to handle the largest contracts.


Gypsum Works

Gypsum plaster systems include two/three coat hand application and one coat hand or machine application. The choice will depend on a number of factors including trade skills and finish quality requirements. The plaster range also includes associated beads, reinforcing tapes and bonding agents. These have been manufactured, selected and tested to work reliably with plasters.
In general, normal thicknesses using undercoat / finish plaster systems are 11mm to walls or up to 8mm to ceilings, plus 2mm of finish plaster.
At GRF we also offer specialized interior plastering, as well as plastering for the exterior, such as graffiato and silicate. We also work on treatment of Maltese stone.



Whatever style you’re aiming for, whether it’s traditional or something more contemporary,decorative coving, cornice and wall paneling are very effective touches for creating character and enhancing an interior design theme. Also because there are so many different types of wall mouldings, there’s guaranteed to be something to suit all tastes, whether plain or patterned and in a variety of different materials such as plaster and gypsum, wood, polystyrene, marble among many more Coving and also cornices are perfect for adding interest to the tops of walls, giving them a stylish and elegant finishing touch to really set off a room. If you get the design right, it is these kind of small touches that make an interior look complete.


Green Walls

We offer a range of twelve very carefully selected 100% botanically accurate artificial plants which have been attached by hand to a high quality steel mesh framework. Due to being attached by hand we have ensured they are arranged in a random style in a way that plants have grown naturally. The panel comprises of a selection of grasses, ferns, laurel, hydrangea and some subtle spring white floral.

We offer a 3 year UV guarantee on most of our range with exception of Eucalyptus which is a seasonal plant that can be interchanged as the seasons change. All the plants are made from a combination of plastic and latex which makes them not only look realistic but feel it too. With recent product development perfecting the detail on these foliage leaves it now makes it very difficult to differentiate between the real and artificial plant.

All the artificial green wall foliage panels are UV stabilised (with exception of the Eucalyptus) which makes it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Being UV stable, they are protected from quick discolouring or fading. These panels have also being made flame retardant so are very safe to use in an indoor environment. Artificial vertical gardens are perfect for making a quirky statement wall and bringing a botanical feel to your space. If you have any unsightly walls this is a perfect way of screening the area and transforming into beautiful botanical statement.

Then there are  Live Moss Walls. Moss wall art, often called ‘Green Walls’ or ‘Vertical gardens’, is known to have many psychological and environmental benefits. They are also becoming an easy and sought after way to add colour and character to your work space.


Ribbed Timber Acoustic Panels

The addition of Ribbed Timber Acoustic Panels not only improves acoustics and reduces unwanted noise from loud neighbours, it adds a touch of natural warmth and enhances the overall aesthetic of any room.
The relatively lightweight nature of timber enables quick and effective installation of cladding, making it easier and faster to complete, meaning less fuss and disruption for you. It also helps to drive down construction costs, making it a very cost-effective cladding choice.
Timber has high insulation properties. Its low thermal conductivity is much lower than steel and concrete. This helps to reduce energy consumption that is required to heat and cool, sustaining energy resources on the planet and saving you money too.


Micro-cement Walls

In a very short time, the micro-cement has gone from being a completely unknown material to being used indiscriminately as one of the most common coatings in our homes and offices. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any kind of surfaces, such as floors, walls or furniture, just to name a few applications. With a thickness of only 2-3mm micro cement is a cement based coating and this type of coating is also rated with a high absorption resistance and due to its excellent bonding power micro cement can be applied to almost any kind of stable surface, including ceramics. These properties also allow micro cement to be applicable also on existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money. Unlike most floorings and vertical coatings solutions, micro cement is completely customizable with an extremely wide range of colors as well as the possibility to create desired patterns. It can be made suitable for each and every part of the property ranging from the sunny and rainy outdoors to stairwells and toilets and it looks and feels awesome.


Decorative & Paintworks

Professional paintwork in your home enhances the interior and protects your walls. Walls can also be finished in different styles and ways such as wallpapering, folding, brushing and spraying. Apart from walls, we also paint windows, doors and frames.


Have you got a project?

At GRF Contractor Studio, we tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, providing various types of designated services to your commercial space.