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Office Partitions

Office partitions are mainly used to section off and add privacy to open plan work spaces. Office design is a constantly shifting and changing beast. As our business requirements alter, and the way we work changes, our needs and requirements when it comes to our office layout is also on the move. Once upon a time we were all about open plan offices, then came the modular office and office partitions became a popular demand and they are available in different styles and materials.



Acoustic Glass Partitions

One System with endless options….

Glazed partitions are today’s preferred option for most office solutions. This is why we offer possibly the most light and elegant solutions with the highest acoustic levels and fire ratings. Our minimalistic aluminium profiles are only 25x30mm. Using acoustic glass, we start with an option of 40dB in sound reduction, the most popular option with most of our clients. Affordable and efficient.

For the more demanding our minimalistic glass partitions can offer sound reductions of up to 50 dB Rw, as well as fire rating classifications from E to E1.

The system is easily modified to create an old classic New York look or even a familiar warm and beautiful finish in wood.



Plasterboard is an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper including various additives in the gypsum layer and varying the weight and strength of the lining paper, will give the finished board different properties. Certain plasterboards are therefore used extensively for fire protection proving up to 4 hours protection in some special multi-layer system applications. It’s a good sound insulator, particularly airborne sounds such as speech and music. Some high performance plasterboards have a specially designed core that provides even better insulation against sound. It is suitable for most environments but not to be used in wet conditions unless it is a moisture resistant type.  Most common plasterboards come with the option of either tapered edge or square edge. Tapered edge boards are ideal for either jointing or skimming, while square edge is generally used for textured finishes. Plasterboard generally comes in 1200mm wide sheets, designed to suit the standard 600mm stud spacing used in housing today. Other widths are available for specific systems for instance 900mm widths.


Fire Rated

When a fire breaks out in a building, it can spread very fast. Fortunately it can be contained significantly with fire doors or with fire-rated partitions. These can slow the spread of a fire by rendering it easier to combat and giving more time for people to escape and also limiting damage to the actual building.

There are two types of fire-rated glass: fire protective and fire resistive. Fire-protective glass is often a glazing added to glass and can slow the spread of flames and smoke. Fire resistive glass, often made from several laminated panels, goes one step further, and keeps heat from spreading.

Fire-rated glass can last as long as some fire doors – even up to two hours, when properly specified. Fire-rated glass, Just as with fire doors, has different categories depending on how well they are expected to perform in the case of fire.


Sliding/ Folding

Over the past few years, the average size of offices has shrunk by circa 30%. That trend coincides with the growing popularity of interior glass for office design to reduce space but give the appearance of openness, as well as to be moveable. This allows office owners to modify and reconfigure their layouts rather easily according to their requirement by using sliding glass walls and doors.

As design materials evolve, workplace privacy evolves too. With the expanding use of interior glass to open up workspaces to foster collaboration and teamwork, designers have had to be prepared to deliver on privacy too. Companies must be able to provide sanctuary    space so that employees don’t feel like they are in a “fishbowl” with their every move scrutinized by their bosses’ eyes.

Apart from solid foldable partitions, we also offer a selection of glazed walls offering a range of sound reduction fro Rw29Db to Rw53Db. Some even have automatic activation of the locking and closing thresholds mechanics


Have you got a project?

At GRF Contractor Studio, we tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, providing various types of designated services to your commercial space.