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Office Furniture & Seating

Creating a space that works for your business means having the right office furniture that suits your business’s needs and reflects its values, from seating, desks and tables for every purpose through to storage and reception counters, make sure every piece works smart for you.




Many of us spend an average six to ten hours a day seated in our office chair. Long hours at your desk can lead to back and neck pain, undue stress and low productivity. That is why it so important to get the right seating for yourself or for your employees.

We offer an appropriate seating and chair solution for each area of your office, whether for general office space, for waiting areas or even for board rooms. Just as your work patterns and interactions reflect your business so does your work space, so shop for your ideal arrangement from our ergonomic operative chairs, executive chairs, stools , meeting room chairs and armchairs.

We ensure that we supply seating that is not just elegant, robust and comfortable, but also that the manufacturing process applies environmentally-friendly technologies. We ensure that the chrome coatings operated are pro-ecological and that the paint shop use eco-friendly powder paint with relevant certificates. Our suppliers also collaborate with a company specializing in the recovery of metals from waste generated in the process of electroplating.

Materials and resources used in the manufacturing process, apart from meeting quality criteria, do not exceed the permitted content of compounds harmful to people and the environment, which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

Our seating is not only targeted for office solutions, but are also widely marketed for hospitality, restaurants, care homes and any other place demanding comfort, elegance and quality seating.

Whatever your seating, indoor or outdoor, we have you covered.

Office Furniture & Seating

Desks & Tables

When it comes to selecting the right desks and tables for your office there are a few factors you need to consider: space, shape, style and extras.

Most desks come in standard sizes so its important for you to know your space and the type of configuration and shape of desk that best suits your business, but don’t forget the extras which will make life easier like modesty panels, screens and cable management systems to ensure your desks and tables work for you.

Other than workstations we also supply a wide variety of table solutions including executive desks, board room tables, meeting room tables, coverings and tables for open communal and recreational spaces.

Office Furniture & Seating


When creating the right work environment you cant ignore having the right storage solution to reduce clutter and improve efficiency to suit your space and business needs.

Space comes at a premium so its vital that you make the most of it. We offer a wide range of storage solutions, ranging from integrated desk units, filing cabinets, archiving, display cabinets, consoles and specialist units for specific media.


HPL Cubicles & Lockers

You can find High Pressure Laminates (HPL) practically anywhere wherever there is a need for WC, changing room, shower or personal storage, in all locations and establishments like spas, gyms, pools, hotels, malls and offices.

HPL is an ideal material for self supporting furniture systems due to its functional and aesthetic properties, especially due to its extremely hygienic and hard wearing nature, high resistance to steam and moisture, and virtual absence of any maintenance.

Cost effective and available in an array of colors and finishes you can find your ideal locker, WC or shower cubical solution in HPL.


Bespoke Furniture

Be it an office space, restaurant or boutique hotel, there is no better way to make your project unique and distinctive than through the creation of your very own, one of a kind bespoke furniture piece.

We work with accomplished and experienced carpenters and craftsmen specializing in crafting in marble, metal and other materials to create the items you need, be it reception desks, boardrooms and meeting room tables, sideboards and servers, print stations, built in units and wardrobes, vanities, benches and counters. You think it. We create it.

Make your space a statement with furniture pieces that meet your specific and tailored needs. Furniture pieces that enhance the feel of your work space, communicate your business values and suit the needs of your clients and employees perfectly!


Steel Office Furniture

Ideal of workspace, public or industrial settings Steel storage solutions offer a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution to your personal or shared storage needs.

We off a wide range of metal storage solutions available in a verity of colours ranging from modular lockers that bolt together so you can build up or down to suit your needs to storage and filing cabinets to make sure your office is clutter free and productive to industrial tool cabinets and workbenches to keep materials and tools organised.


Have you got a project?

At GRF Contractor Studio, we tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, providing various types of designated services to your commercial space.