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Glazing Film

Many would be surprised to learn that glazing film also has a place in residential and commercial buildings, and that it provides a number of important practical benefits to the user. Most modern residential homes features more glass paneling than ever, with home buyers falling in love with the notion of warm, sun-filled rooms and sparkling seasonal frontage. Glazing film offers a number of  worthwhile benefits to home and commercial property owners alike.



Decorative & Privacy

Decorative film is an affordable alternative to net curtains, blinds or patterned glass. It can be applied directly to your existing windows and doors, for enhanced privacy or for decorative purposes, and the process is so easy it only takes a few minutes to apply the decorative window film. We have a wide range of patterned window film designs to suit all interior styles, which are either printed on or cut out of frosted film, depending on the intricacy of the design. This is ideal to add privacy to your office without spending too much.


Solar Protection

A common concern among first time users is that solar film will result in the room becoming cold. It will not. The film works by stopping a percentage of energy from entering the room, preventing the steady build up of heat that can eventually result in premises becoming unbearably hot. The prevailing temperature will be a moderate, enjoyable one – on warm days it will still be pleasant within your premises, the film preventing the constant and overwhelming build up of heat throughout the day. Solar protection film has other benefits too. As well as controlling the temperature, an application of solar film will help cut down on the glare. Sunlight can cause difficulties all year round, with bright light during the summer months and the low lying position of the sun during winter often causing visibility issues. In offices it can be difficult to see computer screens or to focus on colleagues, whilst in residential properties, glare can make it difficult to see the TV or to read. Solar film will take the edge off the bright sunlight, making for a far more comfortable experience all year round.. The sun also brings with it UV rays. These rays are one of the main contributing factors to fading, and solar window film can block out over 99% of these rays. By keeping rooms cooler and filtering harmful UV rays, solar window film provides an effective barrier to fading, protecting flooring, furnishings, equipment and belongings from sun damage. With an SPF factor equivalent to 285, window film can also provide effective protection for skin.



Glass and glazing can sometimes be seen as a weak point when it comes to security, with untreated glass easily broken. An application of specialist security window film can help protect windows and your property.

Security window film can be applied to existing glass and windows, instantly strengthening the glass and making it more resistant to breakage. The film, which is approximately twice as thick as standard window film, will make the glass harder to break, serving to deter potential intruders.

In addition to giving the window enhanced glass security and anti-shatter properties, security window film for windows will hold the glass together should it succumb to breakage. The film holds the broken pane in position instead of allowing the broken shards to fall away, thus making it harder to gain illegal access through a broken window.

Security window films are available in a range of grades and finishes, with the standard security film virtually invisible in appearance. This allows security film to be applied to glass without disrupting the view or altering the look of your windows.


One Way Mirror

The principle of a measured metallization of polyester support forms a reflective screen in the daylight which reflects an image as a mirror, while preserving the transparency and visual properties of glass on the inside. A user can see without being seen. The application of a one-way mirror film makes it possible to efficiently solve the delicate problem of prying eyes posed by large glazed surfaces.

Solutions provided by curtains and blinds are not always suitable for professional premises and causes a significant loss of light. A one-way mirror film provides protection to all types of glass surfaces, conserves natural light and restricts a view from outside to inside in offices on a ground floor, meeting rooms, etc.


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