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Elevate your space from the ground up with the flooring that best suits your business needs. With a wide verity of constructions, materials and finishes we can help you get the right flooring for all your spaces. Set the tone with the right flooring and work up form there.



Raised Access Flooring

Raised access flooring is the ideal flexible flooring solution for Offices, Data Centers and Terraces.

A contemporary work space must not only work for today but also respond to the needs of tomorrow. Allowing for infrastructure and functional access, Raised Access Flooring enables your space to adapt to the ever changing needs of your business.

Data Center solutions include airflow systems and outdoor solutions to combine functionality and high grade durable finishes to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the full.

Raised access flooring is flexible and dependable. Choose from a variety of finishings like Stone, Ceramic, Vinyl, Timber and Carpet tiles or opt for bare aluminum/steel panels for loose lay coverings.


Vinyl Flooring

Beautiful flooring that performs. Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) combine durability, acoustics, water resistance and fantastic design to create the complete flooring solution.

Available in a number of finishes ranging from concrete and wooden looks to more modern geometric patterns, our LVT is a high performance flooring solution that does not compromise on style. Our LVT is also modular, meaning that it works in perfect harmony with our Carpet tile range. Our vinyl flooring solutions ensure that your office space is not only functionable, but that it looks amazing too.

All our LVT flooring meets the highest of standards on environmental impacts, sustainability and indoor air quality.

Also highly recommended for hospitality, retail, schools, caring homes and any other establishments that have a high level of footfall and that requires a high acoustic level of protection and durability.


Carpet Tiles

Our high quality Carpet Tiles provide floor design that improves wellbeing, simplifies maintenance and creates beautiful public, office and hospitality interiors.

Available in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures, the creative options are boundless which means you get to create the space you want.

All our carpet tiles have the highest environmental certifications. They are carbon neutral across the whole cycle with excellent acoustic qualities.



Parquet Flooring

A well engineered and solid wood Parquet floor can add a touch of authenticity and elegance to your traditional or contemporary work space.

Engineered wood flooring combines multiple layers of timber with a final solid wood veneer.  This durable flooring solution is designed for expansion and is compatible with underfloor heating systems. Choose from our wide variety of wood grains and finishes, including brushed oiled, stained colours and lacquered finishes too.

Parquet flooring is created by positioning individual wooden blocks in a variety of different patterns, including Herringbone, Versailles, Chevron and brick and basket weaves. Explore our different shades styles and finishes, and you can be sure to find the right combination to provide a face-lift your reception or boardroom.


Industrial Flooring

Cost effective and easy to maintain Interlocking PVC flooring is the ideal solution for high traffic and heavy use areas such as garages, gyms, or industrial/ warehouse spaces, providing the perfect base for Forklift or Pallet-truck usage.

This flooring solution is quick to install, needing minimal subfloor preparation so that your space can be finished with minimal disruption, downtime and outlay. Interlocking PVC flooring also reduces dust and dirt caused by concrete and epoxy flooring. This is the ideal cost-effective solution for cracked, contaminated and damp subflooring.

Interlocking PVC flooring is simple to maintain, and if damaged through wear and tear, replacement tiles are easy to fit at any time.

An ESD option is also available. These tiles are specifically designed and manufactured to prevent damage to electrical devices and maintain safety for employees by redirecting electrical discharge through stainless-steel microfibers within the inner structure of the tile.


Micro-cement Flooring

This ultra sophisticated flooring finish will elevate your work, retail or hospitality space from the ground up, whether its your reception, terrace or open working space.

Micro-cement flooring is a high end decorative composite coating made with cement and water based resins and mineral pigments. Available in both smooth or textured forms, select from Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes and a variety of colors.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use and applicable in retail, office, and hospitality spaces, this handcrafted application guarantees a unique finish  that is contemporary, seamless and easy to maintain and clean.


Marble Flooring

A luxurious marble floor that adds a sense of timeless elegance to your stair case, lobby or office space instantly elevating your business. Being a natural material and a product of the earth, each piece of marble is unique and one of a kind.

Marble is much denser and harder than its close counterparts Limestone and Travertine, staying cool in the summer whilst acting as a great conductor of heat in the winter, making it the ideal partner for underfloor heating. It is available in a typical veined patterning or featuring a crestline structure in multiple colors or multi color options.

Unlike most stones, Marble can take a very high polish to add a touch of Glamour or can be honed to achieve a more contemporary satin finish.


Have you got a project?

At GRF Contractor Studio, we tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, providing various types of designated services to your commercial space.