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It may seem an obvious statement but commercial property owners require their premises to be as secure as possible. Whilst commercial property owners should be fully aware of their responsibility in regard to the health and safety aspects, and legal requirements in regard to fire hazards, and therefore installing certificated commercial fire doors, the overall security aspect is commonly overlooked. Both fire and theft can put you out of business for a period of time. Also when it comes to interior doors, whether in glass, solid wood or laminate there are many different suitable styles to blend in to your décor.



Wooden Doors

One of the biggest benefits of a wooden front door is how great it looks. As a natural and extremely versatile building material, wooden doors come in a far wider range of designs than their uPVC, fibreglass or metal counterparts. The craftsmanship is clearly visible, which adds to the overall appeal. This appeal goes beyond just looks, however we challenge you to find any other door material that feels (or smells!) as good as wood.

Their versatility means they can be tailored (in size, wood-type and design) specifically to your home and aesthetic, and because no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, you end up with a front door that is completely unique to you. The benefits of timber doors mean that whether you prefer light wood, dark wood, painted surfaces, tight grain, wide grain, simplicity or intricate design work, everything is possible!

One of the key advantages of wooden doors is security. Wooden doors are incredibly strong, and developments in their design and construction over their hundreds of years of manufacture mean they also last a very long time. They are one of the few door materials that can be repaired, as wood is easy to work with and a malleable material. This means a wooden door will offer you great security and reliability over its long life.

All of these things are important, but a wooden door benefits you in another way as well: wood is an excellent natural insulator. The properties of the material mean that warmth is kept in, and noise is kept out more so than with most other types of door. Plus, as long as the wood comes from a sustainable source, it’s environmentally friendly, too.


Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are a great value for money item for quite a few reasons, they are more resistant to mechanical damage than most doors and hold a similar visual effect as solid wood. They are also easily cleaned, and it is not a problem to apply water.

Laminate is a unique material that is durable, affordable and incredibly customizable. It is constructed by pressing together layers of heavy-duty paper with a compound known as melamine, which hardens into a resin. This creates a solid veneer, which can then be covered in a thin decorative layer. The beauty of laminate is that manufacturers can essentially print any type of decorative design. Typically, a wood grain pattern is used, but the possibilities are endless. As a final touch, a layer of a clear protective coating is applied.


Glass Doors

Homeowners and businesses alike hoping to enhance the overall appeal of their properties have many reasons to consider investing in glass doors.

The transparency of glass doors allows optimal amounts of natural light to pass through a space. Sunlight minimizes the use of artificial light, resulting in lower energy costs. Interestingly, studies have shown that the amount of time spent in artificial light negatively impacts sleep cycles. Research indicates that sunlight lowers feelings of tiredness by stabilizing energy levels. It also promotes mental wellness and attentiveness. Ultimately, glass doors and partitions create a more productive work environment by energizing workers and keeping them healthy.

Consequently, glass doors and partitions that provide ample amounts of natural light to a space actually promote healthy circadian rhythms. Sunlight also improves the aesthetics of indoor spaces. The ability to open or shut glass doors enables occupants to enjoy natural light without dealing with environmental elements such as rain, wind, heat, cold, noise, or dust. In office settings, natural light improves efficiency by eliminating shadows and dark areas. These are available with different sound resistant glass for up to 30 decibals

The customization options for glass doors are limitless. Their versatility, ease of care, and visual appeal make them an ideal option for both homeowners and businesses.


Fire Doors

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating for closures) used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure.

Fire rated doors serve the purpose of helping to facilitate a safe and quick evacuation for the property’s occupants and limit the structural damage to the property.

Fire is a significant threat to your business. In answer to this threat, fire rated commercial doors have been developed to partition your commercial building and reduce the risk of fire spreading throughout your property. Depending on your business, a fire rated door may also be required to comply with building codes.

Fire rated doors are not the same as other commercial door types. When a fire rated door is installed correctly and maintained, along with the appropriate frames and hardware, it can reduce or halt the spread of fire through your property. This protects your assets, employees, business, and livelihood. Fire rated commercial doors also protect against the spread of smoke and toxic gases that may be released in the case of fire. Smoke and poisonous gas can quickly spread throughout your property, causing pervasive damage to goods and people. So many businesses choose fire rated commercial doors because of the high level of protection and peace of mind they offer.


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