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Ribbed Timber Acoustic Panels

Noisy neighbours? does your space echo and reverberate with the slightest sound?
Improve the acoustics of your space and reduce noise from loud neighbours with Ribbed Timber Acoustic Panels.
Be it a bedroom, living room, work space or hallway adding Ribbed Timber Acoustic Paneling not only improves acoustic performance it adds a touch of natural warmth and enhances the aesthetic of any room or space.
As well as our bespoke joinery service, we are also offering a more cost effective solution. Pre fabricated Ribbed Timber Acoustic panels in 11 different colours/ finishes. These prefabricated panels come in a standard 2400 x 600 x 22 mm size and can be cut on site to fit you space.
Installation is simple the panels can be screwed or glued [with an appropriate adhesive] directly to your walls. or mounted on battens with extra insulation for even greater acoustic performance. Less fuss and disruption and low construction costs make it an easy cost-effective cladding choice.
Timber has high insulation properties. Its low thermal conductivity is much lower than steel and concrete. This helps to reduce energy consumption that is required to heat and cool, sustaining energy resources for the planet and saving you money too.
If your space could do with a style and acoustic upgrade get in touch.